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Why does DLC Certification matter?

Why does DLC Certification matter?

Posted by Green LED Zone on Nov 10th 2015

DLC Logo

Throughout our website we make mention of and promote products that feature DLC certification. If you are unfamiliar with the Lighting world you might be looking at all the DLC logo’s on our website and wondering why DLC Certification should mean anything to you.

If you're already familiar with DLC and specifically seeking out their products then chances are that the first thing on

your mind is rebates. Many customers are able to obtain rebates from their local electrical utility provider by purchasing DLC qualified LED lighting. If you aren't in it for rebates there are still plenty of other good reasons to buy DLC QPL listed products. DLC listed products are held to industry recognized high standards of quality and efficiency.

DLC is an acronym for DesignLights Consortium. The DLC promotes lighting solutions within the commercial sector through collaborative efforts of federal, state, and local utilities & energy efficiency program members, lighting designers, lighting manufacturers, and other industry members throughout the United States and Canada with the goal of bringing about higher quality and efficiency standards in commercial lighting.

The DLC maintains a list of products that are held to their high standards of quality and efficiency. This list is called the QPL or Quality Products List. Items displayed on our website with the DLC QPL Listed logo (pictured right) have met the requirements set forth by DesignLights Consortium in order to remain on the QPL List.When you purchase a product with DLC certification you can rest assured that you’ve chosen a highly scrutinized product that has been produced to some of the highest industry standards for quality and efficiency.