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What is Energy Star and why should I choose an Energy Star product?

What is Energy Star and why should I choose an Energy Star product?

Posted by Green LED Zone on Nov 10th 2015


Simply put, from an end user perspective Energy Star is meant to promote energy efficient products by making them easy for consumers to identify. Consumers can have confidence that whenever they see the familiar blue and white energy star logo they are purchasing a product that has been evaluated to strict and uniform standards of energy efficiency by a reputable EPA recognized laboratory.

Started in 1992 Energy Star is actually a program of the United States Environmental Protection Agency. Over the years Energy Star has helped consumers and businesses alike save billions in energy costs and reduce their carbon footprint by helping to eliminate green house emissions.

Energy Star has greatly improved public awareness of environmental responsibility and sustainability through a myriad of programs that are too numerous to list here but include things like offering rebates to consumers and forming partnerships with well respected and influential organizations. In the commercial sector Energy Star certification goes well beyond simple product labeling and even includes such things as commercial building certification and new home certification.