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Converting 8ft fluorescent tubes to 4ft LED tubes using our Techbrite retrofit kit

Converting 8ft fluorescent tubes to 4ft LED tubes using our Techbrite retrofit kit

Posted by Green LED Zone on Jan 31st 2018

How to convert F96 T8 and T12 tubes to LED

Converting your existing fluorescent strips to LED tubes is an extremely easy process.  We recommend using our Techbrite brand Made in the USA  fluorescent retrofit kit.  This kit allows you to convert 2 8 foot long fluorescent tubes into 4 4 foot length LED tube lights.

8 foot fluorescent to LED retrofit kit - Made in USA

How it works:

The kit works by eliminating the fluorescent ballast(s) and adding center socket mounting points for the shorter tubes.  

To install simply gut the existing fixture housing completely removing all wires and ballasts.  Then, install sockets and mounting plates by inserting the sockets into the desired position within the mounting plate and then folding the mounting plate over the sides of your fixture and securing it to the housing with the included self tapping screws.  WIRING DIAGRAM: To wire just use the wiring diagram associate with whatever  direct wire line voltage LED tube lights you decide to install.  Last, all that is needed is to re-install cover plates and install your tubes!  A typical installation can be performed in 15 minutes or less.

Installation examples:

Fluorescent to LED installation exampleFluorescent to LED conversion installation example sketch

What does the conversion kit come with?

  • 8 tombstone style sockets
  • 4 mounting plates
  • 8 screws to secure mounting plates

Complete fluorescent to LED retrofit kit

The included non-shunted sockets are size G13 Medium Bi-pin.  This is a standard size for both T8 and T12 fluorescent tubes and G13 indicates that the tubes pins should be spaced 13mm apart to properly fit this socket.  These sockets also feature twist and lock operation meaning that once the pins are inserted vertically into the socket the tube is then twisted 90 degrees thereby closing off the insertion point and locking the tube into place.

Retrofit kit mounting plates with single and double tube socket configurations.Mounting plates:
The sheet metal mounting plates included with this kit are designed to be fitted in place by folding at the punch out holes across bare strip fixtures (with ballast covers removed) ranging in width from 4.25 inches to 5.25 inches.  These mounting plates are designed for single or double tube socket configurations for maximum versatility.

The screws are self tapping sheet metal screws.  These are designed so that you can secure the mounting plate once you have folded it over the side of your fixture.  These screws are designed to penetrate metal easily making installation a breeze.

Will this kit fit your fixture? 

Since the design of the strip fixtures this kit is intended for are pretty simple the kit is designed to fit a broad range of fixtures so long as they fall within the size constraints of the kit.  There is no cross reference database for this kit to verify compatibility with any manufacturer.  This kit is designed to fit most bare fluorescent strip fixtures with a rectangular shape.  

Will you need to modify your existing fixture?

While not always needed modification of the existing fixture may be required in order to accommodate the cover plates used to conceal the area where the ballasts were housed.  Since most of these type of strip fixtures are sheet metal making modifications is not a difficult or complex process if you have the right basic tools for working with sheet metal.

Why would you use this instead of just using 8 foot LED tubes?

  1. Cost:  You can purchase 4 LED T8 tube lights for approximately half the price of 2 8 foot tubes while sacrificing nothing in light output as 4 foot tube efficacy often meets or exceeds that of 8 foot tubes.
  2. Rebates: 8 foot LED tubes are not rebate eligible and cannot be DLC Certified.  4 foot tubes can be DLC certified making them rebate eligible where applicable.  For more information on rebates for LED lighting see this page.
  3. Shipping: 8 foot LED tube lights are expensive to ship and damage prone due to their length. 4 foot tubes are much less costly to ship and due to the reduced length are much less likely to suffer damage in transit.
  4. Selection: 8 foot tube selection is often limited.  Using 4 foot tubes allows choices of many more options including color (CCT) and lumen output.  Additionally, this kit allows for an easy conversion from R17D (recessed double contact) sockets commonly found on HO (high output) fluorescents, or FA8 single pin sockets, to the more common G13 medium bi-pin base found on most LED tube lights.
  5. Maintenance: Most facilities using 8ft tubes are also using 4 foot tubes.  Now you don't have to try and match up separate products to create a uniform look across your facility.  You can use the exact same tubes in your 4 foot and 8 foot fixtures which along with already reducing long term maintenance significantly, also gives the added benefit of simplified ongoing maintenance.  No need to stock multiple replacement tube types.

To purchase please visit the Fluorescent to LED conversion kit product page.

Need a retrofit kit for a standard 4ft fluorescent strip instead?

If you have more questions about this conversion kit please leave them in the Q&A section on the product page listed above or leave them right here in the comments!

This product is part of our proudly Made in the USA LED Lighting offering.

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