小学生英语阅读文章之第四篇   The Elf of the Rose   There once was a rose bush in full bloom in a big ga…


  The Elf of the Rose

  There once was a rose bush in full bloom in a big garden. An elf was living in the most beautiful rose in the garden, and she was so small that peo could not see her. She had long blond hair to her toes and beautiful wings.  One day, it got dark before she got home. She had been dancing and flying around so she didn’t have time to get back to the rose bush. Suddenly, the weather got cold, evening dew started to fall, and a strong wind began to blow. She could not stay in the other flowers because they were all closed up.  What am I going to do now? It’s too cold. She got scared because she had never stayed outside at night. There was a twinkling light from the other side of the garden. It’s too cold, and I am scared. Maybe I should spend tonight there.  The elf flew to a pavilion on the other side of the garden in a hurry. But there were already two peo in the pavilion. A beautiful young lady and a handsome man were praying that they would never be apart from each other. They were in love. But we must go far away from each other soon. Your brother is sending me away because he does not like our marriage. Oh my bride, ase wait for me until I come back to you! She sobbed and nodded her head.  She pulled off a rose from the bush which was aside her and kissed it. Then she gave him the rose as a token of her love. At that moment, the rose opened up. The elf went into the rose secretly.  At that moment, a horrible looking man entered the pavillion. He was the brother of the young lady. What? You want to marry my sister? He drew his sword and cut the young man and buried him under a linden-tree.  He is gone forever now, and he will forget my sister. How dare the poor little boy want to marry my sister? It is common to die during a trip, so nobody will suspect me of murdering him. The brother brushed up his clothes and disappeared.  The elf woke up and found she was in the middle of a dark forest. Oh my! The forest is moving! But it was not a forest. It was the hair of the young lady’s brother. She shivered with fear and anger.  When they got in the house, the young lady from the garden was crying. The man looked at his sister and gave her a chilly smile, and went to bed. Oh my lover, my dear fiance, ase come back safely. She sobbed sadly and fell asleep.  The elf sat down quietly spreading her wings and told the young lady what she saw that day. What I am trying to say now is not a dream. If you dig under the linden-tree in the garden, you will find your fiance. It is your brother who killed him. The beautiful young lady woke up. She secretly went out of her room and dug under the linden-tree as the elf had said.  Her lover was lying in the ground, cold dead. She cried out sadly and killed herself right next to her fiance. After some time passed, a flower called, ‘Jasmine’ came into bloom at the place where the two lovers had died. The Jasmine had big white flowers on the branch and had a sweet smell.  Incidentally, the young lady’s brother was walking down the road and he pulled off a branch of the jasmine and put it near his bedside. When night fell, two bees with poison stingers came out of the jasmine flowers and bit the brother’s ears and mouth, and then they vanished. 玫瑰的精灵  很久很久以前一个玫瑰丛,在一个大花园里绽放。一个小精灵住在花园里最漂亮的玫瑰里,她太小了,大家看不到她。她长出橙黄色的秀发,脚指头和美丽的翅膀。  有一天,她进家前夜晚。她一直在舞蹈,四处飞,因此她没有时间返回玫瑰丛。忽然,气温转冷了,黄昏的露珠刚开始降低,疾风刚开始掀起。她不可以呆在别的的花里,由于她们都被关起来了。  现在我应该怎么办?它太凉。她很担心,由于她从来没有在外面留宿。花园的另一边有一盏闪动的灯。太冷了,我很担心。或许我今夜应当在那里渡过。  小精灵赶忙飞到花园另一边的凉亭里来到。可是在展厅里早已有两人了。一个漂亮的年轻女子和一个俊秀的男生已经祷告她们始终不容易相互分离。她们想和你在一起。可是大家务必迅速杜绝另一方。你侄子将我赶走了,由于他讨厌我们的婚姻。噢,我的新娘,请等我回来,直至我回到你身边。她啜泣着,点了点头。  她从灌木丛上取下一朵玫瑰,吻了吻。随后她把玫瑰赠给他,做为她感情的代表。那一刻,玫瑰打开了。精灵悄悄地进了玫瑰。  就在这时候,一个恐怖的男生走入了帕亭。他是哪个年轻女子的兄弟。哪些?你要和我表妹结婚啊?他拔出来剑来,砍下那年青人,把他埋在一棵林树底下。  他如今早已离开了,他会忘掉我表妹的。这一可伶的男孩儿如何敢跟我表妹完婚?在一次旅行中身亡是很普遍的,因此没人会猜疑我凶杀了他。亲哥哥擦了擦他的衣服裤子,消失了。  精灵醒来时后发觉她正处于一片黑喑的山林中。哦,我的天哪!山林正!但那不是山林。那就是这位年轻女子的侄子的秀发。她因害怕和恼怒而发抖。  当她们进了屋旁,花园里的这位小姐痛哭。那个人看见他的亲妹妹,给了她一个冷漠的笑容,随后就唾觉了。哦,我爱的人,我親愛的的老公,请安全性回家。她伤心欲绝啜泣着,睡觉了。  精灵坐了出来,悄悄的进行她的羽翼,告知这位小姐那一天她看到了哪些。现在我想说的并不是一个梦。假如你一直在花园的林登树底下发掘,你能找到你的老公。就是你的兄弟杀了他。这名漂亮的年青女性醒来时了。她悄悄地摆脱自身的屋子,像精灵常说的那般,在林登树底下挖地洞。  她的恋人躺在地面上,冷去世了。她伤心欲绝痛哭起來,就在她的老公周围自尽了。已过一段时间,一朵花被称作末莉,在这里对情侣去世的地区绽放。Jasmine在树技上面有白色花,有一种甜美的味儿。  顺带说下,这名年轻女子的侄子在路上,他把末莉的一根树技拔了出去,放到他的床前。华灯初上时,二只带毒刺的蜜峰从茉莉中出去,咬了亲哥哥的耳朵里面和嘴,随后他们就消失了。


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