点评小学英语课堂教学   I.多样化的点评语言 Praising】 1. Good! 好! 2. Great! 棒 ! 3. Brilliant! 很好! 4. Fantastic…




1. Good! 好!

2. Great! 棒 !

3. Brilliant! 很好!

4. Fantastic! 好了!

5. Excellent! 好极了!

6. Very good! 很好!

7. Well done! 做得好!

8. Good job! 做得好!

9. So smart! 真聪明!

10. First class! 真是一流!

11. You are right! 你是正确的!

12. You have a flash of wit! 你很机灵!

13. Wonderful thinking! 思考得太棒了!

14. You have a good head for English! 你在英语方面非常聪明!

15. Congratulations, youre good at English, keep it up! 祝贺你,你英语很好,保持下去!

16. Youre very gifted! 你很有天赋!

17. Youre doing fine! 你做得好!

18. I like your voice! 我喜欢你的声音!

19.Wow,you are out of my expectations!哇,你表现地超乎我的想象!

20. You work hard enough! 你学习够努力!

21. You speak very fluently!你说得很流利!

22. You sound very British! 你的发音听起来像个英国人!

23. You read quite well! 你读得非常好!

24. That is coming along nicely! 你的路子是对的!

25. You are very good at it! 你在这方面很擅长!

26. This is an OK idea! 这个主意能行通的!

27. Nothing can stop you now! 现在你已经无敌了!

28. You are doing very well today! 你今天做得很好!

29 .You work hard enough! 你学习够努力!

30. Im glad you studied well! 我很高兴你们学得这么好!

31. It stands to reason! 言之有理!

32. It cant be any clear! 再清楚不过了!

33. Im quite satisfied with your answer! 我对你的答案很满意!

34. Thats enough! 足够了!

35. You are well prepared! 你准备得很好!

36. Thats a very good viewpoint! 这个观点很好!

37. Sound all right! 听起来不错!

38. Thats incredible! 简直妙极了!

39. Youre on top of it! 你是数一数二的!

40. Youre a treasure! 你是个得力助手!

41. Youre on target! 你达到目标了!

42. I want to say, I love you! 我想说,我爱你!

43. I like the way you handle it! 我欣赏你的做法!

44. Youve answered correctly! 你回答得非常正确!

45. What an imagination! 多么丰富的想象力啊!

46. You often have miracles! 你经常创造奇迹!

47. You are always the best! 你经常是最棒的!

48. Youre very quick at picking up things! 你记东西很快!

49. Your handwriting is very beautiful! 你的书法真漂亮!

60. Couldnt have done it better myself! 我都做不了这么好!


1. I hope youll persist in your efforts! 我希望你再接再厉!

2. You must work harder! 你必须努力!

3. Don`t give up! 别放弃!

4. You can do it! 你能行!

5. Almost right! 几乎快对了!

6. Dont be shy! 不要害羞!

7. Take it easy! 别紧张!

8. Don`t be nervous! 别紧张!

9. Try again! 再试一次!

10. Come on,my kids!加油,孩子们!

11. I think you can do it better!我相信你可以做得更好!

12. I couldnt have given a better answer myself! 我要说的答案也不过如此!

13.You are improving! 你一直在进步!

14. You’ve made great progress! 你进步很大!

15. I can see your progress! 我能看到你进步!

16. There is room for improvement! 还有提升的空间!

17. Again, but this time more politely! 再来一次,但这次要更礼貌些!

18. Again, but watch your pronunciation! 再来一次,但这次要注意发音!

19. Im sure youll do better next time! 我相信下次你会做得更好!

20. Try again,you are almost there!再试一次,你离正确已经很近了!

21. Youve just about mastered that! 你马上就要掌握了!

22. You are doing that much better today! 你今天做得更好了!

23. Thats the way to do it! 就该这样做!

24. Im proud of the way you worked today! 你今天做得很棒,我真为你感到高兴!

25. I have confidence in your judgment! 我坚信你的判断!

26. I know you could do it! 我知道你能做到的!

27. Youve got a lot today! 你今天学到了很多!

28. You are making progress every day! 你天天都在进步!

29. Youre on your way! 你正在进步!

30. Now ask properly! 这次换个说法问!

31. What can I do for you? 我能帮你做些什么吗?

32. Youll make it! 你一定能成功的!

33. I believe youll handle it! 我相信你能行!

34. Youre really working hard today! 今天你很努力!

35. Thats the way to do it! 就该这样做!

36. Now youve figured it out! 你做出来了!

37. Now you have it! 你做到了!

38. Keep working on it. Youre getting better! 继续努力,你会做得更好!

39. You certainly did well today!你今天做得不错!

40. I think youve got now! 我想你已经会了!

41. You remembered! 你已经记住了!

42. Its better this time! 这次好多了!

43. You can understand English better now! 你现在对英语的理解能力比以前好多了!

44. You can express yourself in English quite freely now! 现在你可以自如地用英语表达了!

45. One more time and youll have it! 再试一次你就能成功了!

46. What if I give you a clue? 如果我给你个提示怎么样?

47. Ill help you if you get stuck! 如果你不能继续下去,我会帮助你的!

48. All right, one more!不错,再来一个!

49. Youve improved a lot! 你改进了不少!

60. I like the girl you are now!我喜欢现在的你!


1. That wasnt very good! 那真不太好!

2. I was very dissatisfied with that! 我对这很不满意!

3. Come on. Cant you do it better than that? 嘿,你难道不能做得更好些吗?

4. Good try, but not quite right! 敢试就好,不过还是不太对!

5. Dont be misled by your mother tongue! 不要受你母语的干扰!

6. Youll have to spend more time practicing this! 你还得花更多的时间练习!

7. Not really! 不完全对!

8. You cannot use that word here! 这里不能用这个词!

9. Im afraid thats not quite right! 恐怕这不对!

10. That was terrible! 太可怕了!

11. You need some more practice with these words! 这些词你还需要多度练习才行!

12. You still have some trouble with your spelling! 你的拼写仍然有问题!

13. That was rather disappointing! 这实在让人失望!

14. Do you find any difficulties to read aloud? 你觉得大声朗读很难吗?

15. A bit more effort! 再加把劲儿!

16. That sentence sounds a bit awkward! 这个句子听起来有点别扭!

17. Your answer is off the point! 你的答案偏离了主题!

18. I cant guess what you mean! 我猜不出来你要说什么!

19. Youd better think about it! 你最好再好好想想!

20. You are too careless! 你太粗心了!


1. Good or very good? 好还是很好?

2. Which group is the best? 哪个小组最棒?

3. Who is the best? 谁最棒?

4. What about them? 他们怎么样?

5. Why are they the winner? 为什么他们赢了?

6. That two methods are the same in effect! 这两种方法结果是一样的!

7. This article is interesting! 这篇文章很有意思!

8. OK so far? 到现在为止都明白了吗?

9. I mean that you should get it done at school! 我的意思是你们应该在学校把它完成了!

10. Now well play a guessing game! 现在我们来玩个猜谜游戏!

11. Guess what Im drawing! 猜猜我画的是什么!

12. What you have to do is to guess! 你们要做的就是猜一猜!

13. These two rows are one team! 两排为一组!

14. Four peo in one group! 四人为一组!

15. You keep the score, Mary! 玛丽,你来记分!

16. What am I holding behind my back? I will give you three guesses! 猜猜我背后拿的是什么,给你们三次猜的机会!

17. The winner is group1! 一组获胜了!

18. Its a close finish! 旗鼓相当!

19. Both teams got three stars. Its a tie! 两队均得三个星,不分胜负!

20. Lets have a rest and enjoy a song! 让我们休息一会,来听首歌!










书面点评指教师用批改书面作业的方式来点评。要特别注意避免传统的逢对必勾、有错必叉、打分数、划等级等。应该因年级不同、同一班级内学生水平不同而选择适当的方式。如,二年级可以选择图文并茂的方式,小学英语课堂教学多样化点评语言与点评形式+Nice! ;对于个性需要沟通的学生,也可以通过书面点评进行交流和教育,如下图:




T: Many peo think winter is cold. And what do you think?

S: I think winter is warm.

T: Why do you think it is warm?

S: In winter, I can sit with my parents, and we can watch TV in the living room. T: You like to get together with your family. So, you feel water is warm, right?

S: Yes!

T: Yeah, I think it will be very warm when you are with your family. So water is warm .I like your viewpoint!


对比点评指教师通过引导学生对比自己和他人,并给自己和他人做出点评。如教师可以引导:Do you think you listen to the tape more carefully or not than your desk mate?


自主点评指教师通过恰当的引导,使学生自己对自己进行点评。如教师可以引导:How do you think about your pronunciation?


互相点评指教师通过恰当的引导,使学生对同学进行点评。如教师可以引导:How do you think about his writing?










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